Appalachian Highlanders Pipes and Drums


Membership is open to anyone of any gender identity, regardless of age, that has an interest in playing bagpipes or drums.

Piping and drumming instruction is provided at a nominal fee. Previous musical experience is desirable but not necessary.

Membership is free.

Drums are provided. Drummers only need to purchase sticks and a practice drum pad.

Beginning pipers will purchase a practice chanter, an instrument similar to a recorder with a double reed. Once fingering is mastered, pipers purchase their own bagpipes.

How long does it take to learn to play the bagpipe?

Generally, new students remain on the practice chanter for a year before starting to play the bagpipe. Fingering must be mastered on the practice chanter before the many other complications of the bagpipe are added into the mix. Once one is actually playing the bagpipe, an ancient saying by Neil Munro becomes timely and relevant: "To the make of a piper go seven years of his own learning, and seven generations before. At the end of his seven years one born to it will stand at the start of knowledge, and leaning a fond ear to the drone he may have parley with old folks of old affairs."